Payroll Management,Our Payroll Management Service,Human Resource Review and Consultancy.

Payroll Management

One of the most important tasks for all businesses is the preparation of payroll and payment of salary. The process can be complicated further and more time-consuming with additional components such as benefits, allowances, deductions, government remittance, etc. It is of no surprise that due to these high cost, many SME’s choose to outsource their payroll function to professional like us.

What we do: -

Our Payroll Management Service are:

1.  Salary calculation on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
2.  Salary payment to employees by cheque issuance or through bank transfer such as GIRO.
3.  Employee Provident Fund (EPF) registration and timely monthly payment.
4.  Issuing of EA Form for personal tax including statutory annual filing returns.
5.  Computing gross to net salary and EPF.
6.  Providing payroll reports and payroll journals.
7.  Issuing confidential pay slips (hard copy or electronic).

Human Resource Review and Consultancy

This is normally a service we provide to companies with larger headcount of employees, where there are various departments and complicated organization structures.

What we do:

1.  Review the existing organization structure.
2.  Discussion sessions with top management on the expectation and requirements for each department and job function.
3.  Interview head of departments, and where necessary, interview the rank and file staff as well.
4.  Propose new structure which covers job functions, reporting levels, departmental requirements.

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