Corporate Secretarial



MKT Corporate Advisory Sdn Bhd, we provide a complete range of corporate secretarial and support services for all types of organizations, small and large, profit and non profit organizations.

Every business registered at CCM under the status of “Sdn Bhd” need to have a Company Secretary. The Corporate Secretarial will ensure that all requirements of Company Act 2016 are met.
Our experienced staffs specialize in the registrations of companies, provision of trust deeds and searching of corporate structures. We assist clients by explaining and interpreting clauses within an entity’s constitution and rules, and ensure that members and office holders’ registers are accurately maintained and the Company Commissions of Malaysia (CCM) are updated promptly when changes occur and the annual lodgement requirements with CCM are met. Besides, our team can also help you with accounting and payroll services.

What we do: -

1.   Company formation and services.
2.   Sale of ready-made Companies.
3.   Creation and maintenance of statutory records, including the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
4.   Provision of nominee Directors, Company Secretary and shareholders.
5.   Provision of Registered Office Facilities.
6.   Preparation of Resolutions, organising and attending meetings of Directors and Shareholders.
7.   Preparation and filing in of statutory documents.

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