GST Services



Every registered company is required to submit GST Returns monthly/quaterly to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department w.e.f 01 April 2015.

GST Compliance Services:

1.  Registration of GST license.
2.  Compilation of output tax and input tax for periodic GST return.
3.  Submission of periodic GST return.
4.  Submission of payment for GST.
5.  Deregistration of GST.
6.  Appeal cases.
7.  GST – 03 Return Checking.


1.  Do your business need to register for GST?
2.  What is the compliance requirements for GST?
3.  What is my taxable period?
4.  Is the accounting software registered with Customs mandatory for every business?
5.  How to get refunds from Customs for the input taxes paid by your business?
6.  If I didn't pay my Input Taxes but it has been due, is it claimable?
7.  If my customer have not paid my GST invoices, do I have to pay the GST to customs


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